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Star Golf Carts

Star Golf carts are known for their power, performance, and safety. These carts can legally drive on just about any road with a posted 35mph sign. The power in these golf carts is amazing.  On a full charge, you can go up to 60mph.  These carts are perfect for someone looking for a good time. Star golf carts pride themselves on being environmentally friendly.  These golf carts are available in a variety of different models as well as different colors

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Ready to Make a Move on a Star Cart?

If you are looking for a golf cart with a little more power, this one might be the perfect cart for you.  These carts are customizable.  Wanting a lift, custom paint job, extra seat? We can help make this golf cart perfect for your every day needs.  Let us help you make your dream golf cart a reality.

Ready to get your own custom Star cart to increase the enjoyment and easement of your every day experiences? We have many options for finding the most suitable way for you in financing your dream  golf cart. Fill out our financing form today!